Rose Water

Rose Water

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Lightly perfumed, Rose Water is one of the first known skin care products, created through the ancient tradition of steam distilling flowers. Like an essential oil, floral water carries the benefits of the flower, yet is far less concentrate, making it exceptionally effective for skin care. Considered a holy flower, Rose Water has uplifting benefits and is calming. The scent of rose has been scientifically proven to reduce blood pressure and levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

SKIN Anti-Inflammatory, skin toning, stimulates circulation, hydrating, purifying, rejuvenating, balances & maintains skins PH balance, anti-bacterial. TO USE // FACE holding bottle 12” away, after washing face, spray 3-5 times as a toner, then also 3-5 sprays through day + night to refresh, hydrate + tone skin. HAIR boosts shine, hydration & adds sexy sweet fragrance.

HOME freshen bed sheets + any area of the home to sweeten.

Handcrafted at one of the oldest distilleries in India, we proudly import 7 Roses Brand Rosewater, bottled here in LA. | 2oz TSA approved travel size. 

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