T R A I L ˚ S A F A R I


Vintage Safari Aesthete

I became obsessed with vintage safari aesthetic in the early 1990’s NYC when one day my soho wanderings ended me up in Peter Beard’s Exhibition on Broome Street. I must have spent the rest of the day there… & began to visit the gallery weekly…


TRAIL ˚ SAFARI shirt is a hand cut, tailor made, rare specialty garment, of 100% imported linen gauze blending vintage + modern appeal.

Finished with tortoise buttons,
sleeve tabs to roll + fix cuffs, left front welt pocket, pleated front pockets, center back pleat +
French seams, for an upscale relaxed aesthetic inside + out.

His + Hers | size… 01 02 03 04

TRAIL ˚ SAFARI shirt is sized by number + worn to fit or oversized based on preference. Use the size chart below to get an idea of shirt dimensions, as well as images to see fit, or contact our team for assistance for best fit based on your sizes.

TRAIL˚ SAFARI shirt on Chilean photographer, Ale Sone, photographed in Los Angeles, CA.

TRAIL˚ SAFARI shirt on Chilean photographer, Ale Sone, photographed in Los Angeles, CA.

Collage + Diary + Freedom

Peter Beard’s work was sun drenched, seductive, gentle and brutal with the scent of freedom, blood, sweat, tears, sex + magic and I wanted it all. The way he photographed women struck me. He captured that feminine spirit that emerged in the 70’s as the most authentic independent beauty anyone’d ever seen… a young model in my 20’s at the time… I fantasized about being discovered by Peter, wisk’d away to Africa to live naked, explore + have photo shoots on wild animals.

That didn’t happen… 20 years later, I still admire + adore the aesthetic as much as ever, use army surplus as luggage, drive a vintage safari jeep + am thrilled to finally be channeling my obsession into my budding TRAIL˚SAFARI collection.