Thank you for submitting your deposit. 
We are excited to host you!

Upon inspection of the property at the close of your event, your damage deposit will be refunded the same evening or within 24 hours. 

If any damage to the property occurs during your event, the cost of repair will be assessed immediately if possible, or at our earliest convenience if we need to have an outside quote created, and either paid for from these deposit funds or another form of payment may be arranged if you have that preference. The deposit will be held until the repairs are paid in full. 

Examples of damage to the property include: 
scuff marking or scratches to the walls or floors, chipping the walls paint in any way breaking of glasses or dishes, spillage of a colorful beverage that stains the wood floors, carpet, rugs, pillows, or any other cloth fabrics that are provided, theft of any decor or elements within the property or store downstairs, damage to any part of the property by a staff member or guest of the event.

Should your event go into overtime, the additional will be billed in half hour increments per your hourly rate, from your deposit, and the remainder will be refunded.

Liability Waiver
All guests will be required to sign a liability waiver upon entry, releasing the property, individual business owner and house brand from any liability. 

We feel certain that your event will go off without a hitch, and are looking
forward to a great and memorable experience to be had by all. 

Thanks for working with us, and looking forward to the next!

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