Thank you for brining your event to TRAIL.
We are excited to host you!

Please enter the number of hours your event will be in QUANTITY below. 
(Ex. 11a-1p is 2 hours)

Arrival Time
Consider how much time you need to load in and set up your event. A 15 minute grace before and after hours booked is included. More time needed beyond that will be charged in half hour increments.

Should your event go into overtime, the additional will be billed in half hour increments per your hourly rate, from your deposit, and the remainder will be refunded.

Tidy Up
Plan to spend 5+ minutes after your guest depart to sweep any obvious remains from the floors, load the dishwasher and remove all trash pertaining to your event. Depending on the amount of waste, we may show you to the buildings disposal room if need be. Separate recyclables

Liability Waiver
All guests will sign a liability waiver upon entry, releasing the property, individual business owner and house brand from any liability. 

Retail Space
Unless the 1st floor retail space is part of your rental, it should be used exclusively for entry and exit. The restroom on the ground floor is off limits. You are required to have a member of your staff to monitor the front door with a key, allowing guests to enter/exit, and the front door must remain locked at all other times. Any retail interest is to be directed to us, to arrange for your clients to have a shopping opportunity if they wish! Thank you! 

We feel certain that your event will go off without a hitch, and are looking forward to a great and memorable experience to be had by all. 

Thanks for working with us, and looking forward to the next!🖤

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