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Thank you for partnering with us to bring small batch apparel + accessories to market.

MADE TO ORDER // TRAIL is hand made to order. Orders ship in 1-6 weeks. Once your order is submitted, you'll be given a ship date. Or inquire prior to placing an order to find out which items can delivery in advance. 

WHOLESALE ACCOUNTS // Please complete the new account form, and scan/photograph + email.

New Account Form

LINE SHEET // Below is our current wholesale offering, a curated selection of our collections. If you are interested in WHSL on a style that is not listed, let us know. 

IMMEDIATES // Some styles are available to ship immediately. 

AUGUST 2018 - delivers within 1 week // Item Name / color (quantity available)

Scoop Neck Mini - Sand (2)
Crop Top - All colors avail, (5)
Beach Short - Breton (1), Sand (1), Salt (1)
Slip Dress - Charcoal (2) Denim (2)
Thin Strap Dress - Sand (1), Salt (1), Breton (1)
Boatneck Long Dress - Breton (1) Sand (1) Salt (1)
Linen Top - all colors (5)
Painter - Charcoal (2)

* Retail Price Shown, hover over for QUICK VIEW to appear at top of image, click for WHSL price + more details

RETAIL PRICE NOTICE // As a retailer of TRAIL, you may only discount our items a maximum of 10% off our line sheet MSRP. If you have inventory that has not sold after 90 days, feel free to let us know what you have left in stock, since our garments are made to order, any remaining inventory is valuable to us, and we may need it. If so, we can discuss a swap out for other items. 

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